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All our products produced come with individual safety labels and we advise each customer to check this information prior to the use of our products. We advise you place the chosen product on a suitable surface. We advise you do not leave candles unattended or lit for a long period of time as we cannot guarantee the candle will not react to certain surfaces and we do not wish any of our customers or their belonging coming to harm.


Please also be aware candles are dangerous and should not to be used for anything other than the purpose they were designed for. This is also  referencing our Diffusers and room sprays. Ensure they are kept off surfaces that may cause a reaction or potentially stain. The liquid is not suitable for human consumption and is not to be handled incorrectly or to be put on any part of the body.


Our home fragrances all come with a safety labels for your convenience. If you should have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thank you. 🤍 

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