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What wax do you use?

We use soy wax in both our candles and wax melts to ensure the best scent throw and heat through while in use. Along with this our diffusers use an alcohol free base to offer up to 4 month of product.

Do you offer refills? 

Yes, we offer refills across most of our range to ensure our customers get the most out of their purchase. Refills available for candles, diffusers, hand wash/lotion and car diffusers. 

Are your products tested on animals, are they vegan friendly? 

None of our products or the base materials used are tested on animals and all products offered are vegan friendly. 

Where are you based? 

We are based in the North of the Scottish Highlands on the popular NC500 route. 

Do you only do candles?

We began our journey with candles but now offer a diverse range of home fragrances including candles, wax melts, diffusers, car perfumes, refills, gift sets, hand wash and hand lotion. We are continually added to what we offer. 


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