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🐷 Wax Melts 🐷

🐷 Wax Melts 🐷

We use vegan friendly, cruelty free and sustainable materials when creating our individual Soy Wax Melts. With lasting scent and high throw these will fill the required room with the scent of choice in minutes. Keeping in theme of Candles from the Croft these are in the shape of little piggies heads with various expression.

🐷 Soy Wax

🐷 Company stamped jute bag

🐷 High scent throw

🐷 6 pigs per bag

We suggest the optimum burning time to be 2 hours to prevent the wax getting too hot and burning off the scent. Please always be aware of hot wax and where you position your wax melt pot.

Thank you 🤍

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