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Car Diffuser 10ml Refill

Car Diffuser 10ml Refill

We are trying our best to keep the range as sustainable as possible and therefore offer refills for your gorgeous little diffusers as well as the larger home diffusers. 🌎

These are simple to use, just twist the top to open the seal and then simply squeeze the bottle when over the glass diffuser to begin the refill. They should fit nearly on top of each other to prevent any spillage. Then simply rinse out the wee bottle and recycle. ♻️

Please state which scent you are ordering from the list below at point of checkout if not a scent will be issued at random. Thank you. 🤍

Clean Cotton

Cherry Blossom

Lime, Basil and Mandarin



Lemongrass and Ginger


Spring Blossom and Rain

Highland Waterfall

Scottish Heather

Wild Mint

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