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8ml Diffuser Trio Gift Set

8ml Diffuser Trio Gift Set

Candles from the Croft now offer a trio gift set showcasing three different scents of 8ml diffusers in a small gift box then hand tied with jute. Lovely gift as they are so cute and versatile. Or treat yourself to three instead of one.


I use as much natural products as possible which is where my Scottish scent range came from. This is based on the land around the Croft, the Heather is cut from the Croft, the wild mint grows freely along the river banks and the highland waterfall scents it based on the river and waterfalls that flows alongside the Croft.


Available in the following scent packs:


• Scottish Heather, Wild Mint and Highland Waterfall


•Tropical, Spring Blossom and Rain and Lemongrass and Ginger


• Custom


These can be made to order from any of our scents but please allow additional time for custom orders. When placing the order please clearly state the three scents you wish if it is a custom scent range from the list below, thank you :


Scottish Heather

Wild Mint

Highland Waterfall



Lemongrass and Ginger

Spring Blossom and Rain



Clean Cotton


Cherry Blossom

Lime, Basil and Mandarin

They are easy to use:

🤍 Unscrew the wooden lid

🤍 Remove the small plastic plug

🤍 Screw the wooden lid back on fully

🤍Tip for a few seconds to initiate the scent

🤍 Then turn back the correct way around and hang from your desired place.

Great in the car, wardrobes, bin cupboards, shoe cupboards, toilet roll holders, radiators etc.

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