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💥OFFER 10cl Tinned Candle💥

💥OFFER 10cl Tinned Candle💥

Due to a some changes on how our ranges look we would like to give you the opportunity to recieve an offer.

These products are completely safe to use and have no impurities. The offer is due to a change in label design being used going forward and these scents will only be available made to order going forward. They come in a gold tin with window top.

Included are the following, please use the codes provided when placing an order:

💥 10cl Gold Tinned Candle 💥

CODE CC0425 💥 Clean Cotton

CODE V0425 💥 Vanilla

CODE CB0425 💥 Cherry Blossom

CODE LBM0425 💥 Lime, Basil and Mandarin

CODE T0425 💥 Tropical

CODE LG0425 💥 Lemongrass and Ginger

CODE SR0425 💥 Spring blossom and Rain

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