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Coconut 20cl Candle

Coconut 20cl Candle

Coconut Candle.

Candles from the Croft offer hand poured candles made with as much care and attention whether it be the first candle or the last candle of the day.

The design is classic, elegant and crisp ensuring it fits into whatever setting you require it for. We offer a 20cl white candle in a clear glass jar with a single wick. Our brand name is on the front of the glass adding a sense of luxury to your product. The candle is then gently placed in a brown Kraft box along with a business card before being sent to the customer.

We are a family run business based in the very North of the Scottish Highlands. The candles are made on the Croft the name was generated from.

We welcome any questions or queries and are happy to assist where we can. Please also take a look at our other products and scents available such as our little car diffuser which ensure a beautiful aroma each time you take the car out. These can also be used indoors to scent rooms.

Thank you for your support, please enjoy our products as much as we do. 🤍


    Unfortunately we don’t accept returns however we are open to speaking with customers to resolve any issues they may have had with our products.

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