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60cl Candle Jar

60cl Candle Jar

🤍 Candles from the Croft 60cl Jar 🤍


We offer these on a made to order service. Usually it is only an additional days wait. They are a 60cl Candle Jar with a double cotton wick. They are available in the full scent range which is listed below. Due to these candles being slightly heavier and more robust they make for a lovely addition to any garden space. Please email or call with any questions.


My favourite part of the job is definitely being at home creating, mixing, trialling and generally making a mess.


Everything I come up with is generally linked to my history, home, upbringing or family.


We offer refills for the majority of our products.


It's all soy blend wax to give even and smooth burning. We test extensively to ensure our candles are as we want them to be prior to market. It's a combination of natural wood wicks and standard wax wicks.


Scents Available:


Clean Cotton (Blue)

Cherry Blossom (Pink)

Vanilla (Off White)

Coconut (Blue)

Lime, Basil and Mandarin (Green)


Spring Blossom and Rain (Violet)

Tropical (Orange)

Lemongrass and Ginger (Yellow)


Scottish Heather

Wild Mint

Highland Waterfall


These usually are made with a dye to them, a texture and white for the Scottish Range , if you wish them white please state. Thank you. 🤍

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