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20cl Unscented Boxed Candle

20cl Unscented Boxed Candle

Candles from the Croft now offer an Unscented Candle to create a sense of warmth and character to an event or area where you don’t wish to have additional scents in the air. These 20cl glass jar candles come boxed in a brown Kraft box and labelled with our logo and name. They can be dyed if you desire a touch a colour. Feel free to message if you have any questions. Thank you. 🤍


I use as many natural products as possible, which is where my Scottish scent range came from. This is based on the land around the Croft, the Heather is cut from the Croft, the wild mint grows freely along the river banks and the highland waterfall scents are based on the river and waterfalls that flow alongside the Croft.

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