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♻️ 100ml Home Diffuser Refill ♻️

♻️ 100ml Home Diffuser Refill ♻️

Our hand poured home diffusers refills offer an even longer lasting product and mean you get more for your original purchase. The refills are guaranteed for up to 14 weeks and offer a range of scents to suit any space. We use a fully natural base that is vegan friendly and cruelty free before careful blending in our scents. Using natural, recycled reeds it offers the highest scent throw possible to eliminate the need of continually turning them. Fully recyclable packaging is used to get the most sustainable product we can for our customers. The refills come in a clear plastic pouch to allow the customer to simple remove the two lids, pop the pouch over the opening and refill their chosen bottle. Once complete simply rinse out the pouch and pop in the recycling bin.

Replacement reed packs are also available.

📢 📢 Pricing Code RFD0650. 📢📢

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